Unlimited Alchemy & Magick Coaching

One-on-One Support to Create a Spiritual Practice & Life Your Love 

Monthly for $297.00 Yearly For $2997.00

Have me at your beck-and-call for a month or for an entire year

Let me coach you to...

* Manifest your goals

* See synchronicities daily

* Use alchemical tools to support your practice

* Integrate spirituality into your daily life

* Work with your spirit guides and ancestors

* Feel connected to the land and spirits around you

* Find the magick and alchemical methods that work for you

* Protect your energy and keep it clean

* Create altars and/or crystal grids that shift the energy in your environment

* Let spiritual growth be easy

* Overcome fear and anxiety

* Master deliberate creation

* Reach any goal you have (Seriously!)*Disclaimer-You have to do the inner and outer work, but you already knew that, right?

Private Alchemy & Magick Coaching with Michelle

Let me explain how this works...


You have questions…I’ve got answers!


Sometimes your answers are  going to be me guiding you to tap into your own answers but I’ll give you the detailed guidance for how to tap into your soul’s guidance and give you personalized alchemical steps to take that I receive from tuning into my soul and spirit guides.

Many of you know that I have 4 kiddos and I help my husband run our heating and cooling business. I'm on the go a lot and my schedule seems to shift and flex moment to moment.

So, I reflected on the ways I'm able to truly help people and that I enjoy most. I love answering people’s questions as they are implementing alchemy into their lives.  I love supporting them with virtual hand holding, guidance and energetic healing and spiritual downloads just for them.

I can guide you to reach your goals. Now, obviously I can’t do the work for you but I can help heal underlying blocks, guide you to sort out your own unique practice and be that second person to add more energy to your mojo, along with my group of spirit guides, too!

So I thought about it and I realized that I could coach you via audio for much less than I normally charge for traditional coaching that doesn’t work for me at this time and  I could respond to your questions quickly (within 2 business days but usually way faster) without you having to wait for your next weekly appointed time. I'll also throw in two laser coaching sessions a month via Zoom for those times when you just need a real time conversation.

Here's what I came up with for a small number of clients:

* We will communicate via our own online alchemy lab where we can share files, messages, etc. and a messenger app­­-- just you, me and our spirit guides and ancestors invited in. (you can ask me questions anyway you like, and I'll respond via mostly audios on the phone app and I’ll be sending you PDFs and other materials in your online private alchemy lab where they will be easy to find—no digging through email threads to find your materials.)

*You will, also,  get two 30 minute Zoom chats a month for real time conversations

* You can ask me an UNLIMITED number of questions each month 

* I’ll be working on your behalf behind the scenes , too.  I’ll be sending you daily Reiki  (I already am—I do daily reiki sessions and I’m already sending to the you if you are one of the ones who will be signing up) and working with my spirit guides and ancestors and your spirit guides and ancestors to focus on supporting you creating your dreams. Reach out anytime you like!

* I will reply to you within 2 business days (usually sooner, but I need to keep it real on my end). Depending on your time zone and fate, we may be able to have some immediate back and forth conversations, too.

* Instead of some huge, crazy amount like $2,000 per month to work with me, you can have me as your full time coach for just $297/month (Cancel Anytime!)

* And if you know me well enough and want me in your corner for a full year, you can get unlimited audio alchemy coaching with me for 12 months for just $2997 (that's less than $250/month!) *This is a 12-month commitment.

No more furious note taking and trying to remember what you meant when you wrote down notes from a coaching session. Instead, you can listen to my audio responses as many times as you need and you’ll have all your materials on our secret online home. Plus, I'll record our monthly zoom sessions for you, too.

I'm only have 12 spots to make sure I can give you a high level of support and spiritual work behind the scenes.

So if you are one of the first 12 people to sign up, you're in. You've got me and my spirit team in your corner and you can ask an unlimited number of questions with a two business day turnaround.

I'll also add this hot bonus to make this an easy "YES" for you:

You'll get access to my Daily Alchemy Premium Member's Lab as long as you are a one-on-one client and any other classes I teach. The Member's Lab has over 18 courses, new live content every month and tons of extras!

 I’ll, also, be doing a full length Reiki Healing for you with detailed notes given to you about the guidance received during the healing when you sign up for the year-long program and I’ll support you going through some exercises at the beginning of our work to really decide what you really want to create next in your life so we are working on creating what you and your soul actually wants.

If you are wondering if I could really handle all your questions and give you that level of ongoing support.

YES, I can!

I can because it's very easy for me to make audios on the fly for you and I’m used to working with clients in our own little secret online hub. Daily Alchemy practices are already ingrained in my life so adding in support, energy work and connecting with spirit guidance for you will be blissful.

But I don't want to get in over my head, so that's why I'm limiting it to just 12 people (this is not a fake number, I'm really limiting it to 12 spots). Once those spots are filled, I won’t have room for anyone until another client decides to leave so if you feel you a nudge that this is for you sign up now. This is a  massive amount of support for the price I'm offering it at.

This is not for you if...

  • You aren't ready to do some deep inner work and take outer action
  • You aren't a fan of alchemy, witchcraft and magick. 
  • You want a weekly hour long session with your coach and can't wait up to two business days for responses
  • You can't stand the sound of my voice (hey, it’s a legit reason NOT to sign up)
  • You are opposed to curse words sprinkled in your coaching replies
  • You don't regularly use a cell phone and have access to get the Voxer app
  • If you are a dude or identify as one, then it’s probably not for you. I love men and masculine energy but I feel I better serve the feminine heart for my one-on-one clients at this time. That being said if you identify as masculine and this really resonates with you, email me and we’ll chat.

This Might Be for You if...

  • You are ready to make some big changes or are at a crossroads in your life
  • You want practical steps to add more Magick to your life
  • You have a busy schedule and prefer to get your answers on the go
  • You are willing to take inner and outer action
  • You can commit to at least one daily practice every day for the duration of your coaching commitment
  • You want to receive daily distance Reiki
  • You want to have two monthly 3o minute coaching calls
  • You want me in your corner, holding your hand and kicking your butt to create the life your desire

This is for you if….

  • You can already energetically feel that you are one of the ones, If so, go ahead and click one of the buttons below to sign up below.

If you're not sure yet, have a listen to a small sample of Audio Alchemy Coaching on the right.

Monthly for $297.00 Yearly for $2997.00
  • One-on One Alchemy & Magick Coaching

    One-on-One Alchemy & Magick Coaching that includes unlimited private messenger support, two 30 minute Zoom coaching sessions a  month and an online private alchemy lab to share files and messages. 

    One Month for $297 or one year  for $2997


    “"When I started working with Michelle, I was in a bit of a funk and she was EXACTLY what I needed! First, she really listened and was open to learning about who I am. She provided excellent exercises and things to focus on to open myself up in particular areas and her spiritual insights were spot on!

    As a love & dating coach myself, I offer nurturing and supportive guidance to my clients and getting that from Michelle absolutely helped me shift my energy. It's so awesome to have someone like her in your corner. Her enthusiasm, knowledge and wisdom sure made a difference for me.

    I can't say enough good about Michelle Martin Dobbins. If you need a little magic in your life, don't hesitate to try her coaching!"

    Love & Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan ”

    Love & Dating Coach